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Do not use this medication without first talking to your doctor if you are taking any of the following medicines a thiazide diuretic such as hydrochlorothiazide hctz, hydrodiuril, esidrix, microzide, oretic , chlorothiazide diuril , chlorthalidone hygroton, thalitone , indapamide lozol , metolazone mykrox, zaroxolyn , and others a tetracycline antibiotic such as tetracycline sumycin,…

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For illustration the zantac was assorted with methylene chloride ; to this solution add hydrochloride with or without chilling and blend it to organize reaction mixture, heat this reaction mixture under reflux and deprive off the h2o under azeotropic conditions at that place by the signifier 1 zantac hydrochloride crystals are produced.

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